*** Aram, Aram Closes World Tour with Five Wins at Glendale Int’l Film Festival ***

“ARAM, ARAM” Wins Five Awards at Glendale International Film Festival

After touring to Film Festivals across the globe and opening in movie theaters
in Los Angeles, Encino, Glendale, Washington D.C., Boston and Fresno,
“ARAM, ARAM” closed out its World Tour by sweeping The Glendale
International Film Festival and Winning a spectacular FIVE AWARDS
including Best Feature Film and Best Actor for Lead Actor Levon Sharafyan.


Here is the full list of Award Winners for “Aram, Aram”:
Best Actor – Actor Levon Sharafyan
Best Director – Director Christopher Chambers
Best Film – Producers Christopher Chambers and Jared Parsons
Best Editing – Editors Eugenio Richer, Jim Gilbane & Christopher Chambers
Best Makeup – Makeup Artist Leidi Jenchi

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